Woman receiving relaxing massage.Massage sessions can offer relaxation, pain relief, or a combination of both. Let our trained Massage Therapist melt the tension away from your body with a Hot Stone or cupping Massage. Need therapeutic massage to help remove obstacles within your body? Our registered massage therapists can help.

When booking appointments, tell us what you would like to get out of the session. Each massage session includes a consultation with your therapist to discuss your needs.


Therapeutic Massage (with an RMT)

Swedish Massage

This massage is a traditional method designed to relax your entire body. The massage therapist uses long strokes, firm kneading, and circular pressure to help increase circulation and profoundly reduce stress. Enjoy the relief and relaxation that will wash over your body during this great treatment.

Sport Massage

You can benefit from Sports Massage no matter what you level of activity is. The massage targets areas of the body that become overworked or tense and is customised for your activity. Sports massage techniques are designed to prevent muscle soreness and injury as well as to help treat existing injuries.

Myo-fascial Release

Myo-fascial release targets fascia and tight tissues. It uses gentle stretches in combination with sustained pressure to soften and allow room for the muscles to loosen.

Deep Tissue

This massage is designed to reach the deepest muscles to loosen tightness. It can be used to treat muscles that are always tight or painful, postural problems, repetitive strain, or to help heal injuries. The massage begins with light pressure to warm the muscles and soften the tissues. The therapist then moves to deeper tissues to release stored tension.

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage is designed to stimulate lymphatic system circulation to speed the removal of toxins from the body. The technique involves gentle, rhythmic strokes and pumping movements towards the lymph nodes on the body.  Rejuvinate your body by clearing waste from within.

Neck, Shoulder or Back

A focused massage to remove tension from areas that are prone to stiffness. Let the tension melt away.


Specialty Massages

Pre-natal (pregnancy) Massage

Expecting mothers deserve to enjoy some relaxation time! Improve circulation, remove muscle and joint pain, and reduce stress and anxiety with a massage designed just for you! Take advantage of our speciality maternity tabletop to offer full support and comfort. Must be over 12 weeks to receive massage, due to potential risk under this time.


Spa Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Sink into deep relaxation and peacefulness while you enjoy this treatment. Hot stones are strategically placed to target tight or aching muscles. The heat from the stones relaxes the muscles and allows the therapist to penetrate deeper muscle tissue. This treatment promotes relaxation, improves circulation, and releases toxins from the muscles. It reduces chronic pain, and also benefits people who suffer from insomnia or depression.



Reflexology is the gentle and firm pressure point massage of reflex points in the feet, to help relax and encourage the body to heal itself. This methodology works through the meridians and the vascular & central nervous systems. Reflexology approaches the body as a whole supporting overall well-being and enabling your body to concentrate healing energies wherever they are needed. It has been shown to improve circulation and is used as complementary care for people with a variety of conditions. To receive reflexology you will lie on a massage table. After a session, you may feel calm and relaxed or you may experience a feeling of energy and rejuvenation. Some people initially experience fatigue after a session, but notice an increase of energy over the following days. The more often you receive reflexology, the more benefits you are likely to notice.


Body Treatments

Signature Body Rejuvenation (Scrub & Massage)

A 45 minute body scrub followed by a 45 min relaxation massage. Exfoliate your skin leaving it feeling young and vibrant, then move on to a relaxing massage to let any remaining tension drop away.

Cupping Massage

Using the cup with suction to creating a vacuum on the skin over the targeted area. It is believed to help treat pain, deep scar tissues, muscle knots, and swelling.